2011-10-14 - Rio Cebolla

Reach: Rio Cebolla 11 Stream: Rio Cebolla Watershed: Jemez
State: NM Survey Date: Fri, 10/14/2011 - 3:00pm
Observers: J. Stone, R. Woodrow, E. Masin, Team E.U. E-mail: jenniferstone@fs.fed.us
Address: 228 Commercial St., Nevada City, CA , 95959 Phone: 559-359-8366
(UTM) Zone: 13 Upstream (UTM): 3500075E Upstream (UTM): 3981613N Elevation: 2521 meters
NAD: 83 Downstream (UTM): 349109E Downstream (UTM): 3978813N Elevation: 2468 meters
(UTM) Start: 349263E (UTM) Start: 3980287N Upstream or down? Downstream
Scores: WQ 3.5 HG 3.6 F/AH 2.5 RV 2.3 TWH 2.3 Overall 2.8

Water Quality
Score Indicator Number Indicator
5 1 Algal Growth
2 2 Channel Shading

3.5 Mean Score
Notes: Very low channel shading

Score Indicator Number Indicator
3 3 Floodplain Connection
4 4 Vertical Bank Stability
5 5 Hydraulic Habitat Diversity
4 6 Riparian Area Soil Integrity
2 7 Beaver Activity

3.6 Mean Score
Notes: Soil disturbance (#6) is clue to hoof action from cattle grazing

Fish/Aquatic Habitat
Score Indicator Number Indicator
1 8 Riffle-Pool Distribution
2 9 Underbank Cover
10 Cobble Embeddedness
11 Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Diversity
2 12 Large Woody Debris
5 13 Overbank Cover

2.5 Mean Score
Notes: No cobbles >3" in reach (channel has gravel bottom) so 10 & 11 are not applicable. Overbank cover is all from grasses and carexes.

Riparian Vegetation
Score Indicator Number Indicator
3 14 Riparian Zone Plant Community Structure
2 15 Shrub Demography and Recruitment
1 16 Tree Demography and Recruitment
3 17 Non-native Herbaceous Plant Species
5 18 Non-native Woody Plant Species
1 19 Grazing Impacts on Ground Cover
1 20 Browsing Impacts on Shrubs and Small Trees

2.3 Mean Score
Notes: No shrub seedlings or saplings and so many old dead clumps of alders (alnus)are present. The majority of non-native herbaceous species present are annuals. This area was grazed more heavily this season than is common which probably explains the low score in # 19 & 20.

Terrestrial Wildlife Habitat
Score Indicator Number Indicator
2 21 Shrub Patch Density
1 22 Mid-canopy Patch Density
1 23 Upper Canopy Patch Density
5 24 Fluvial Habitat Density

2.3 Mean Score
Notes: Very small widely scattered shrub patches.

3.5 3.6 2.5 2.3 2.3 2.8

Overall Comments
Very long reach with medium-gradient channel, resulting in significant sinnuousity across the valley bottom. Valley shape is fairly flat with steep sides, and dense grass extends to the toe slope where conifers begin. Stream channel has a gravel bottom with no riffle-pool habitat or cobbles. Velocity is generally low, and would probably have significant unnderbank cover if the cattle hoof-action were less. Few Fish. Many springs, seeps and marshes emerge near the floodplain throughout the reach, and at least one fen present near representative site # 1. It has aquite a'bit of cattle damage, as do all spring like features in the valley. Shrubs are sparse scattered in small patches. There is very little recruitment, and there is an obvious die-off among almost all mature individuals. There is a very large dam/stock pond mid-reach with the road crossing over the dam. The entire reach has restricted vehicle traffic access, day-use foot access only.



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